La Maison

Our Story

Anelza was created by Bola, a Franco-Nigerian, passionate about leather goods. She graduated in fine arts and pursued studies in management in information system and technology. She decided to go back to the source of her creative desires, after spending some years working in information technology, 

She has grown and developed in the expert hands of respected French Artisans, trained in a traditional Parisian atelier, l’atelier de Sellier de Navarre, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, initiating French traditional leather working techniques and methods.
This new life comes as source of vital energy in line with her aspiration.
This atypical journey, nurtured and nourished through learning traditional techniques and innovative sources of inspiration, flourished into a name that creates and delivers chic, high-end handbags and accessories with quality leather sourced from the best tanneries in Europe.
In her workshop in the suburbs of Paris, Bola defends French know-how, precision and technicalities of traditional gestures. Our leather bags and small leather goods are handmade, which gives each bag a personalized touch, with a quality beyond expectations. The greatest care is taken according to the highest of quality standards.




Inspired by YOU and YOUR taste, Each bag tells your own story!

We design unique bags, according to your taste by putting ourselves in your shoes and drawing inspiration from our different streams: artistic background, the environment and above all, your lifestyle. Modern, chic, and relaxed.

Each bag tells a story... yours!

Making it unique, YOU are sure to own a piece of art!

You can collaborate with us to design your personalized model, choose your leather, its colour, your materials and accessories that meet your aspirations.
Be part of Anelza's dream, so, you will be proud to showcase it on your outings!

YOU will be participating in our ethical commitment

We promote reuse of carefully selected , high quality material off-cuts and dormant whole hides retrieved from the stocks of our high-end suppliers and the tannery.